First Blog Post


Hello dear friends!

Today, I am attempting to create my first blog post. I have always felt the desire to create my own personal outlet in the form of a blog or vlog. However, as I still feel a little uncomfortable about the whole “vlogging experience”, I decided to create a blog first.

My aim is to write a blogpost at least once a week. This could be about the thinks I have done during the week, a special food place/recipe, an outfit post, or something else that is on my mind. Basically, on this blog I will share my life and experiences with you and hope to inspire others.

For now, I will just shortly introduce myself, just so you’re not listening to a complete stranger. As I am writing this, I am 19-years old and living in the Netherlands. I am currently enrolled as an International Business Student at the Erasmus Univeristy Rotterdam. In a few weeks, I will travel to Madrid to start my 6-months exchange programme. More about me, I love food (like a lot…), I try to be fashionable (really.. try) and I am always interested in trying out new things.

I think that is about it. Hope you are as excited as me about starting this blog and the upcoming blog post. Talk to you next week!